Providers of International Data to the Advertising and Marketing Industry.

BJR Group - International Data Compile has one of the world's most extensive collection of B-to-B, B-to-C, and Specialty List marketing databases, with a combined count of over over 1 billion record entries. We provides an online international business and consumer data covering more than 200 countries.

If you are looking to build your new customer base or prepare for your next Direct Marketing Campaign, We can help you grow your business and bring your success with the most qualify lists! Please let us know which one you interest - We can offer for best price and best quality products.

Data Source: This multi-sourced files is updated on a monthly basis, The file is continually adding new names daily, and is maintained to the highest standard. Names are recruited through direct mail, internet survey and are therefore highly responsive.

The customer database recruited via direct mail and inserts, direct marketing campaigns and partner websites. Users can also sign up to receive online consumer incentive goods, They recruit customers through direct mail and telemarketing, as well as via their website and online catalogue.

The business data across all industry sectors, all direct mail recruited through catalogue mailings and online activity. These people are actively involved in enhancing their companies profile and increasing brand awareness.

Our in-house research department spend their working days checking, verifying and updating each record on our database to ensure it's bang up to date. Standard procedures include edit checks on all data fields, we are always check 2nd - 3rd before data is submitted to supply.

We offer only the finest data, Most of our databases are updated monthly or quarterly to ensure that you will receive the highest quality data, Recently is within the last three months. This list is updated every end of the quarter. Names over six months are automatically deleted.

Postal - Recency: Hotline postal data (0-3 months) Data is no older than 6 months.

Latest News Update - We would be happy to assist you with a full direct marketing services of International database providers, We compile and maintain the data sets in house for several vendors worldwide. Our database are updated on a monthly basis, The file is continually adding new names!

Compiled Data:
– Catalogue mailings and online activity
– National Consumer Database with comprehensive demographic selects
– Public government business registrations
– National Business Database with full demographic selects
– Professional & Business Associations
– Internet Sourced National Landline Phone File
– Corporate web sites / opportunity seekers
– Internet Sourced National Wireless Phone File
– Annual reports and public filings
– Business and trade magazine subscriptions
– Internet Sourced National Email File
– National Automotive Database
– Opt-in email campaigns
– National Voter File
– Tradeshows and conferences
– Buyers, Catalog, Direct Response, Direct Mail Sold, Internet/On-Line
– National industry web directories
– Surveys and feedback forms
– Data Partners - > Online catalogue and online activity.
– Many More!

Managed Files:

BJR Group - International Data Compile manages hundreds of response files. From Infomercial Buyer Files to Club Members to Tour Group Travelers and hundreds more!

Specialty Data - These are unique groups of data feeds that most marketers have never used, probably never know were available.

– National, Weekly Updated, New Credit Issues Files
– Opt In Co-Registration data from online website registrations by consumers
– Partials…consumers who were in the process of buying a product/service online and before submitting the order they changed their mind
– Buyers…consumers who bought a product/service online using a Credit Card or ACH from their checking account
– COF (Card on File) Data…consumers who are billed monthly to their Credit Card for a continuity program for the consumer

We have 100% control over the leads generated by our systems. We collect and organize them via platforms such as lead conduit. All leads are captured via double opt-in (web and phone) and manually checked. Our web researcher’s team uses LinkedIn, Twitter, Other media and also make phone calls to build, clean and update contact details.

BJR Group - International Data Compile.

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